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Our mission is to bring awareness to the condition of SCA-7


bring awareness to SCA-7

FACT: As SCA-7 progresses, victims (regardless of age) experience difficulty swallowing and will eventually need to use feeding tubes to prevent lung aspirations.

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The People Affected by SCA-7

FACT: As SCA-7 progresses, victims (regardless of age) experience decreased coordination of movement to the extent that normal daily functions, from writing to self-care, become impossible.

My wife, Sharon, passed from difficulties related to SCA-7. We would fight every day to improve her quality of life.

Jerry Franklin Sr

I am more than just coping with this very debilitating disease, because no matter how difficult it is, I choose to keep moving forward toward having a quality of life!

Valerie Reeves

It’s been heartbreaking to watch as many as 4 generations of my family…beautiful, smart, productive people…be stricken with this dreaded disease that robs families.

Dorothy M. Smith

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FACT: As SCA-7 progresses, all victims (regardless of age) experience muscular weakening and decreased balance to the extent of becoming wheelchair-bound


FACT: As SCA-7 progresses, victims (regardless of age) lose color vision, and eventually go completely blind.

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